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You must get a mandatory bike inspection before you ride the MS150.  You will recieve an official sticker for your bike after the inspection.  If you breakdown during the ride, this sticker allows all labor performed to be free of charge.

Bike Information and Discounts

Fit Your Body to Your Bike:
  • Sitting on the seat, you should be able to touch the ground with your toes, but not your whole foot. If you can stand flat-footed while seated, raise your seat.


  • While seated, put one foot on a pedal and extend that leg down: Your knee should be slightly bent — at a 10-degree angle. A fully locked knee can cause injury and bending it much more than 10 degrees reduces efficiency.


  • Straddling your cycle while standing flat-footed, you should have about an inch of clearance between your highly personal bodily property and the frame for a road bike and about two inches for a mountain bike.


  • When pedaling — seated or standing — your knees should not crowd the handlebars. If you have ever whacked a knee on a gear shifter, you know the reasoning behind this rule.


  • How far forward you lean to reach your handlebars depends on how aggressively you want to ride. A more-forward lean is more aerodynamic but may be uncomfortable for many recreational cyclists, McDonald said. "Comfort" bikes of recent vintage often leave you nearly vertical. "People should do whatever is comfortable," regarding forward lean, he said.


  • A super-padded seat may feel great in the shop, but it will require you to work harder because some of your pedaling energy will be transferred to the cushy seat, not the pedals. But the rock-hard seats favored by racers are too severe for most weekenders, so shoot for something in between — like the gel seats that have gained popularity in recent years. Wearing padded bike shorts also helps reduce saddle soreness.


  • Your bike helmet should fit snugly but should not pinch the skin; the front of the helmet should rest two finger-widths above your eyebrows. "Many people wear their helmets too far back," McDonald said. "Odds are, if you come off the bike you will fall forward." Replace a helmet after just one crash, even if you cannot see obvious damage.


  • Ensure correct tire pressure and check your brakes before you ride.


Recommended Equipment:
  • Bike - You don’t need the most expensive, but you will need something decent that fits your body.


  • Helmet - Helmets are necessary and a rule on the ride. Get one that is the most comfortable for you, not the coolest one.


  • Gloves - Gloves are much needed, spend money here and get the extra-padding


  • Pedal clips & Shoes - A comfortable pair of cleats will pay huge in the long rides as well


  • Biking shorts - This is very large!! Be sure to get nice, thick padded shorts.


  • Bike mount - This is for home riding. If you are not a member of a gym that has spin classes, this may be necessary. You can set your bike up on this at home and adjust the tension to your liking. The Lemond brand of equipment makes a very good one.


  • Repair kit - If you have a flat 30 miles out, you will thank me!


  • Saddle - I would definitely find the most comfortable for yourself here.


  • Lube – Don’t be caught riding without it!!!


  • Jerseys - will be provided!


  • Spare Tube - This is important if you have a blowout.


  • Aerobars - optional, but are very nice to have on a long ride.


  • Standard Bike Tool - Good to have for your own adjustments.


  • Water Bottles & Cages - Need something to drink on the way and something to hold it!


  • Speedometer - It is nice to see how fast and far you have traveled!


  • Seat Pack - To carry misc. things. Ex. Cell phone, bike tool, spare tube, money.


  • Sunglasses - Very Important. You want sunglasses without frames on the side so that you have a full view of what is next to you at all times.


  • Mandatory Bike Inspection - very Important. You cannot ride without you bike being inspected.

Official Bike Shop:



In-Store Team Discounts


  • 10% off Performance Road bikes (excludes sale items)


  • 15% off Cycling Apparel & Accessories (excludes sale items)


  • Hydration and Food


  • Ride Support


  • Bike Inspections


  • And many many more ways to help!


FREE Basic Bike Fit


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