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Award Winners Over the Years

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Top Fundraisers Award

The riders who raised the most funds.

2007:  John Eads & Lex Hochner

2008:  Ryan & Lauren Cropper

2014:  Kyle Kummer & Jason Patterson

Balls of Steel Award

The rider who gutted it out the most!

2006:  John Eads

2007:  John Kimball & Chris Kimball

2008:  Chris Hutcheson

2010:  Josh Lowrey

2013:  Kyle Kummer & Brett Kummer

2015:  Justin Todd

Biker Simmons Award

The rider with the worst outfit.

2006:  Steve Osborn

2014:  Justin Todd

Carney Men Teamplayer

Worked hard at all aspects of a team.

2006:  Emily Brasseaux

2007:  Wylie Eagle & Caroline Branham

2010:  Clay Welch

2012:  Clayton Gring

2013:  Clayton Gring

2014:  Drew Dun & Owen Dunn

2015:  Ryan White

Steve Jaggard's Award

AKA.. "I Came to Compete"

Rudy Award

The rider who tried the hardest.

2006:  John Sage

2010:  Wilie Eagle & Ty Eagle

2013:  Nathan Phelps

2014:  Ryan Hyde

2006:  Nathan Evans

2007:  Jim Black & Stephen Dunn

2014:  Brett Kummer

Git'Er Done Award

The rider who helped out the most.

2006:  Mark Chiste & Steve Osborn

2007:  Nathan Evans & Erin Jones

2010:  Marilyn Jaggard

2013:  David Smith, Chuck Porter & Brad Sebastian

2014:  Keith Lee

2015:  Jeff Houston & John Pasta

The Outstanding Carney

Top of the class

2007:  James Tramuto & Emily Brasseaux

2010:  Dan Burns

2013:  Allison Hyde & Ryan Hyde

2015:  Brad Sebastian & Scott Fikes

Mr. Tough Guy Award

Rider who made most the training rides

2006:  Ed O'neil

2007:  Frost Murphy

2008:  Ryan Hyde

2010:  Steve Jaggard

2014:  Griff Jaggard

Tylenol / Hangover Award

Drank the most during the weekend.

2006:  Mike Walsh

2007:  Irby Rozelle

2010:  Michael Riojas

2014:  Patrick Lashford

ER Award

Someone who had an accident...

2006:  Chris Colman

2007:  John Morton

2010:  Chris Kimball

2013:  Justin Todd, Matt Turner & Stephen Pheigaru

Carney Woman's Award

Top woman rider

2006:  Kelly Guthrie

2008:  Kelly Guthrie

2010:  Allison Hyde

2014:  Erin Phelps

Super Trooper Award

The riders who worked the hardest.

2006:  Hayley Booher

2007:  Brad Sebastian & Chris Colemon

2008:  Caroline Eagle

2010:  Hayley Booher

Dumbass Award

Rider who was the dumbest.

2008:  Wylie Eagle

2010:  Steve Osborn

2013:  Jeff Peeples

2014:  Dan Dietel

Rookie of the Year Award

The rider who was always early!

2006:  Elizabeth Boatright & John Sage

2007:  Rebecca Bond & Cynthia Segeren

2008:  Michael Riojas

2010:  Drew Dunn / Jon Murray

2013:  Dan Dietel

2014:  Jeff Houston

2015:  Wes Hobbs

1,000 Miles from Nowehere

The traveler award.

2006:  Dan Burns & Ryan Hyde

2007:  Dan Burns, Andrew O'Hera & Michael Hawkins

2008:  Dan Burns

2012:  John Murray, Terry Caughron & Michael Riojas

2013:  Jason Patterson

The John Sage Award

For leadership & inspiration award

Taylor Swift Award

The rider with the worst music.

2006:  Will Perry

2007:  Ryan Hyde

2008:  Brad Sebastian & John Sage

2010:  Ryan Hyde

2014:  Jeff Peeples & Stephen Dunn

2010:  Jim Black

Johnny Equipment

The rider who has it all!

2013:  Stephen Dunn

Character Award

Displays the true meaning of character

Coach Carney Award

Helps build a winning team

2013:  Kyle Kummer

2013:  Drew Dunn

2014:  Brad Sebastian

2015:  Stephen Dunn

Carney PRide Award

Represents the true meanining of CM

2014:  Steve Jaggard

Carney Loyalty Award

Continues to ride year after year

2014:  Nathan Phelps

Carney Chaplin Award

Keeps everyones spirits on high

2014:  Ross Pittenger

Uncle Eddy Award

Shows up on Race Day, sleeps in an RV

2015:  Brisket

Ultimate Survivor Award

The most interesting man in the world

2014:  Steve Hazel

Age Defying Award

They keep going and going and going

2015:  Steve Jaggard (68 on 38)

Hong Award


2015:  Tommy Leblanc

Day 2 Award

Total domination on Day 2

2015:  Eric Lodge

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